FATHER’S DAY SPECIAL: $299 Ticket to Space


Product Description

Looking for a unique Father’s Day gift? For only $299, you can give the gift of near-space travel. Recipients can do an experiment, fly a favorite photo, celebrate an anniversary, scatter ashes … and much more. You’ll receive an HD video of your item in flight along with the item itself returned from its trip to the stratosphere.
These certificates are often purchased as gifts for amateur scientists. Young-at-heart researchers can send an experiment of their own design to the stratosphere, completely supported by an Earth to Sky Calculus launch and recovery team. Post-flight, experiments will be returned to the student along with video footage, GPS tracking, temperature, pressure, altimetry and radiation data.
Conditions: No mammals. Plants and non-pathogenic microbes are allowed. Generally speaking, experiments should weigh less than 300 grams and occupy a volume less than ~64 cubic inches. A Skype brainstorming session is included with each certificate. Dr. Tony Phillips and other members of the Earth to Sky team will chat with recipients to help them craft an experiment that will work in the harsh environment of the stratosphere.
Price: $299.