Valentine Rose Space Pendant ($139.95)


Product Description

On Dec. 29, 2017, the students of Earth to Sky Calculus flew a payload-full of 18k rose gold plated Valentine’s pendants to the stratosphere onboard a high-altitude helium balloon. The necklaces traveled alongside an array of cosmic ray sensors, which the students use to monitor deep-space radiation penetrating Earth’s atmosphere. After the balloon exploded, as planned, the jewelry and scientific instruments parachuted back to Earth, landing on an ancient lava flow in the Owen’s Valley near Big Pine, CA.
Each glittering pendant comes with a greeting card showing the jewelry in flight and telling the story of its journey 36 km (118,110 feet) above the Sierra Nevada mountains of Central California. Sales of this pendant support the Earth to Sky Calculus cosmic ray ballooning program and hands-on STEM research.
Price: $139.95